NFT London Webinar

NFT London Webinar

April 23rd

NFT London in collaboration with MoCDA (The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art) will be hosting a webinar streaming live on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter on April 23, 18:00 UTC+1. Check here at what time the streaming will go live in your time zone:

The webinar will be featuring one of the most relevant players in the NFT space, Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO of the decentralized gaming platform TheSandboxGame and also President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, an association composed by some of the most active members of the NFT space, with the purpose of raising awareness and accelerate their adoption of crypto-gaming.

Sebastien will give a presentation and an update about all the latest events related to TheSandboxGame, included their recent and extremely successful land sale!

Two of the most promising projects from the Blockchain Game Alliance presenting after Sebastien are Somnium Space an open, social-VR platform built on the blockchain and entirely shaped by its players, and also Matic Network, which will show how Layer 2 solutions will enable adoption of NFT’s in Gaming.

Being the event entirely online means that you can follow it even from the other side of the globe!

See you online on April 23rd!

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