The Art of Collecting NFTs

The Art of Collecting NFTs

August 27th

The Blockchain Game Alliance invites you to attend a panel conversation with art collectors and enthusiasts Judy Mam (, Kate Vass (Kate Vass Gallery), Anne Spalter ( and Matthew (Cent).

The art of collecting NFTs takes into account a number of factors collectors would most probably consider when acquiring an artwork. These factors normally include and refers to: artist reputation, art medium, press coverage, quotation, provenance and condition, use of technology (in some cases) and overall the art sentiment value. According to art critic, curator and historian Hans Ulrich Obrist “to make a collection is to find, acquire, organize and store items’’. Often collectors have multiple meanings for building an art collection.

During this panel conversation our speakers will discuss the nature of what motivates art collectors, their reasons for collecting and how they approach the selecting process when acquiring an art piece. Obrist carries on saying that “collection-making […] is a method of producing knowledge”. If the non fungible art space still represents a small portion of the art market size, it is true that the market is progressively growing and grabbing the attention of non crypto collectors. In recent weeks we have seen crypto art platforms hitting a weekly volume in sales of just under $93.000 despite the incredibly costly transaction fee on the Ethereum Blockchain where most crypto art sales occur.

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