Collecting NFTs for Investment or Sentiment Value

Collecting NFTs for Investment or Sentiment Value

September 10th

The Blockchain Game Allinace invites you to join our next online conference Collecting NFTs for Investment or Sentiment Value, with some of the most influential and active players in the industry, happening on September 10th 2020 at 5PM CEST.

The art of collecting NFTs has become a distinctive feature of the crypto market and a sign of a healthy economy. During this panel conversation we will attempt to identify the motivations and reasons for collecting NFTs, specifically related to gaming assets and art.

We have recently witnessed a sudden drop in the Ethereum price, with a consequent rise of the gas fees. On another hand, some of the most active layers in the crypto collectable space have decided to refrain from collecting for some time (from specific marketplaces), leaving both creators and the market in a arid place.

The combination of these factors, high gas fees and whale collectors taking a break from the scene, triggered a careful selection on the minting process, suggesting that “gas is indeed the best curator for NFTs” cit. Moxarra. Therefore there has been a decrease of assets made available on the market despite the value of those has increased quite significantly.

During this live talk our guest speakers will be discussing what it means to collect NFTs as a form of investment or for sentiment value.

See you live on YouTube and Twitter on the Blockchain Game Alliance channels on Thursday 3/09/20 at 5pm CET A Live Q&A will follow this talk.

About the Speakers

Joe Chiappetta
Joe is a cofounder of 2 arts-related businesses: Silly Daddy Publishing as well as the Grand pixEOS Art Gallery. A former Chicagoan living in Southern California, he’s been active in promoting business-focused art solutions for over 3 decades and is an ambassador for the MarkersPlace art marketplace. He’s an award-winning cartoonist as well as an art collector, business trainer, author, and advisor to many art-on-the-blockchain projects. 

Beatriz Helena Ramos

Beatriz is an artist who uses blockchain technology, economics, and governance as the basis for my work. Ex-entrepreneur transitioning to a full time anarchist. Creator

Zack Yanger

Zack was the first hire at SuperRare in 2018, and currently heads up the Marketing, Partnerships and Artist Relations at SuperRare.


A self proclaimed degenerate, exploring the intersections of gaming, tech, art and finance. Learning and evolving along the way. Involved in the crypto market for 3+years and actively trading NFT’s for more than a year. Chain agnostic.

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