The Role of NFTs Marketplace in Curation, Distribution and Governance of Crypto Assets

The Role of NFTs Marketplace in Curation, Distribution and Governance of Crypto Assets

September 24th

The Blockchain Game Alliance invites you to join the Live Panel, The Role of NFTs marketplace in Curation, Distribution and Governance of Crypto assetson September 24th 2020 at 5PM CEST!

Together with Alex Atallah (OpenSea), John Craine (SuperRare) and Alexander Salnikov (Rarible) we will be discovering how the selection, rewarding and maintenance for NFTs marketplaces is currently shaping and adapting to respond to the present market challenges. Learn more about their vision and how to take part in the future of some of the most disruptive and innovative platforms in the NFTs market.  


Digital assets and crypto collectibles trading have produced a good appetite for investors and traders with a diversified portfolio and interest in crypto, but who are the primary users in the market?

It seems that the art and gaming industries have probably benefited the most from the opportunities the NFT market has created, generating a fast-spreading interest from other industries to test the waters of the crypto market space.

As a number of marketplaces have launched their NFT project over the years, we have witnessed an increasing participation from international users, taking the alltime number of sales on the Ethereum blockchain to 4.828,043 for a total volume of $109,371,274.06 USD (according to

Despite communities gathering on Discord channels or discussing over Twitter threads, much thinking has gone into the future economy planning of NFT marketplaces. Whether platforms should invest in the curation, distribution and governance of their marketplace it is something very much still open for discussion. 

If in 2018 the first adopters were invited to join and mint with more freedom, given the accessibility and the promised sustainability of the technology, the incurring GAS fees and the popularity of blockchain assets trading made the selection, governance and distribution a costly effort for many, highlighting the limits as well as the opportunities of this of this market. 

This event is part of a series of live talks called:  The Art of Collecting NFTs facilitated and promoted by the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Meet Our Speakers!

Alex Atallah

Alex Atallah is the CTO and co-founder of OpenSea, the first and largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other unique crypto assets, including crypto collectibles, art projects, virtual real estate, and more. OpenSea went through the YCombinator W18 batch, raised a seed round from Founders Fund, Blockchain Capital, Coinbase, 1confirmation and several others, and now powers the marketplaces or sites for over 5,000 games and services.’


John Crain

John Crain is co-founder CEO of SuperRare. Prior to SuperRare, John lead product for the ConsenSys spoke BlockApps, working with fortune 500s exploring use cases for smart contracts and leveraging open data. Before falling down the crypto rabbit hole, John worked in advertising as a creative technologist for Digitas North America.


Alex Salnikov

Alex Salnikov is the co-founder and Head of Product at Rarible, a community-governed NFT marketplace. He holds Data Science MA, previously co-founded MarginCall exchange and served as CTO at CoinOffering.

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