Blockchain Sport Games, NFTs and more

Blockchain Sport Games, NFTs and more

December 16th, 5PM CET

A live event hosted by the Blockchain Game Alliance: watch on YouTube and Twitter.

The Blockchain Game Alliance has called some of the hottest sport gaming projects to attend a live event on Dec 16 at 5pm CET. Join us for a real dive into the world of sport gaming and the user experience. We will be discussing how the the game have become more interactive and rewarding for the players by giving a demonstration of each project. 

During the event our speakers will be invited to share their experience about their role within the organization they represent in relation to the development of new and exciting features, such as the implementation of blockchain technology and how this has been facilitating the onboarding of new audience members into this industry. 

Our Guest Speakers

Christian Hentschel, Founder and Tech Lead at Tradestars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Stocks trading platform powered by the Ethereum + Matic Layer 2 blockchains where users can trade digital assets that represent real-life events’ statistics. It’s a decentralized social gaming experience in which people can express their passion for sports, compete against each other, and show “How much your sports knowledge is worth”.

Andy Gore, CEO and Co-founder at Soccer Manager Ltd

Over 19 years experience in the games industry, working on numerous successful football titles such as FIFA before founding Soccer Manager in 2004.

Soccer Manager is fanatical about the dynamic and competitive game that is football. We have dedicated over 15 years to developing high quality football games for fans like ourselves. Since 2004, we have brought 4 football games to the market: Soccer Manager Worlds, Soccer Manager 2021, Football Clash: All Stars and F2 Target Tekkers. More exciting projects are currently in development.

Yang Adija, VP, Strategy & Business Operations at Turner Sports

Yang Adija is VP, Business Operations and Strategy for Turner Sports. Yang is spearheading new growth opportunities within Turner Sports. He is responsible for the creation and launch of BLOCKLETE Games, a blockchain based video game. BLOCKLETE Games has recently launched BLOCKLETE Golf as their first sports game.

Sean Dudley, Project Lead at F1 Delta Time

About F1 Delta Time: F1 Delta Time is a motorsport racing title, running on the Ethereum blockchain. It is part of the larger REVV motorsport ecosystem – and ERC-20 token – which also includes motorsport brands MotoGP and Formula-E. The REVV ecosystem and F1 Delta Time leverages non-fungible tokens, traditional gameplay, and blockchain enabling designs such as DeFi-like systems, to present an interoperable system of blockchain motorsport.

Mark — YNWA, SorareHQ Ambassador

SorareHQ Ambassador & Blockchain Gamer into Sports #NFT #cryptocollectibles |

About sorare:
A Global Fantasy Soccer game where you can collect limited edition digital collectibles and manage your team and earn prizes!

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