2020 Year in Review of the Blockchain Game Alliance

2020 Year in Review of the Blockchain Game Alliance

Happy New Year Blockchain Game Alliance members and Gaming Enthusiasts!

“At the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) we recognised many of our members were not just surviving but some were actually “thriving” in 2020. This 2020 annual report looks into the critical issues uncovered throughout this disruptive year.”

Sebastien Borget, President of the BGA

Despite the challenges, the BGA rose to the occasion through activating platforms for connection building and networking. With its growing membership, the coming year will be about bridging more gaps within the vast gaming industry.

We are hopeful that members felt how the organization is a platform to build meaningful connections that will strengthen the industry.

2020 BGA Membership Summary: 169 total members | 128 new members | 117 companies 6 gold sponsors | 6 silver sponsors | 40 individual members

Events hosted by the BGA

These are only few of the events hosted by the BGA. We wanted to show that the BGA’s commitment to raising public awareness and understanding of blockchain technology is being successfully rolled out amid the challenging time the world is in.

This year changed everything from social, economic, and institutional structures yet as BGA continues to find ways to promote strong communities around games, more companies are joining the mission to disrupt the industry — together. As an evolving organization with eyes set to the future, our commitment to engage its members and scale its value will continue to 2021.

We will pursue to reach out and bridge the gaps within the broader gaming industry. Remember, we are stronger together! 

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