New trailer for Mines of Dalarnia

New trailer for Mines of Dalarnia

The Blockchain Game Alliance is proud to share the new trailer for Mines of Dalarnia, a fast paced mining game from Chromia. Check out the video below!

Mines of Dalarnia (MoD) is a fast-paced mining game built on Chromia which incorporates economic incentives and digital asset ownership. Delve into the unknown dark mines, collect minerals and use them to upgrade your character’s mining equipment and character attributes. Buy or rent plots of land and earn cryptocurrency by renting out your mines to other players.

Currently running on Chromia’s testnet, MoD will soon be onboarded to the mainnet and integrated with Chromia’s new GRA product alongside another Chromia-powered game, Krystopia: Nova’s Journey by Antler Interactive  Get ready for cross-game item transfers and trading between the games!

A slew of new features and functionality is coming to MoD in the coming months, including multiplayer gameplay; leaderboard integration; NFT creator; potential rewards for the best-ranked players; new maps to explore, additional in-game items such as tools and gems. New website and much more. The Dalarnian universe is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

Immerse yourself in the world of Mines of Dalarnia here:

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