Executive Staff

The Blockchain Game Alliance is a Swiss-based association dedicated to promoting the blockchain technology within the video game industry. Our main missions are to create and sustain a network of professionals from the industry and serve as a link between the broad video game industry and the blockchain game community.

In this association, your role will be to lead the operations of the BGA under the supervision of the BGA board members. Your tasks will be as follows:


  • Invoice members for memberships/sponsorship
  • Keep track of the books, record all BGA financial transactions
  • Onboard new members, make sure they understand the terms and conditions of their membership, define their needs and propose activities accordingly.
  • Organize board members meetings, report BGA activity and participate in the elaboration of the strategy
  • Based on the board’s strategic decision making, create and follow the operational plan
  • Monthly report of the BGA state and activities to the board


  • Content creation and social media: update our community on the latest news, grow our follower base on Twitter
  • Communicate on our official channels: Discord, Telegram, Twitter
  • Update the BGA website with events and new activities
  • PR: raise the attention of the press about blockchain games, draft all official BGA communications
  • Events: organization of BGA side events near the main video game & blockchain conferences in collaboration with one or several sponsors.
  • Collaborate with events to offer discounts to our members (tickets, booths) and/or speaking opportunities


  • Seek potential new members and grow the network
  • Develop and supervise existing and new activities: working groups, podcasts, hackathon, industry surveys, etc

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