Hey ! Board members are currently working out a governance proposal for the Blockchain Game Alliance. A framework is very much needed to organize the community work, and allow everybody to contribute!

In the meantime, we are happy to keep you informed through our newsletter, and to keep discussions going in the Blockchain Game Alliance Telegram group and Discord.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is a coalition of gaming and Blockchain companies committed to advocate for the democratization of Blockchain within the gaming industry.

Convinced that this breakthrough technology brings numerous new benefits to the whole ecosystem, from developers to players, we provide an open forum for all stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research that foster new ways to create and play games. Our ultimate goal is to help spread the integration of Blockchain by developing common standards and best practices.

Current board members

 Alex Amsel

Indie Developer

Gabby Dizon

Chairman, Alto

Manon Burgel


Nicolas Pouard

Blockchain Initiative Manager, Ubisoft

Shaban Shaame

CEO, Everdreamsoft

Dan Biton

CEO, Gimli

Ludovic Courcelas


Nicolas Gilot

CEO, Ultra

Marc Coupal

Business Developer, Enjin